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About Shuriken, Ent.

About Shuriken, Ent.

Shuriken, Ent. has been an idea longer than a concrete reality. As such, we are proud to say that we are a new, fledgling company that looks for a bright future ahead. Although we hope to grow and expand quickly, we understand that we must be anxious for nothing, that for everything there is a season and that rushing makes mistakes more common. With this in mind, we would like all those submitting material and our future readers to know that we appreciate your support and confidence.

We are a small operation with big goals. With only a handful of staff (including volunteers) performing multiple roles, we hope to use our collective talents to bring the world the best manga we can find.
As an up-and-coming company, we don't have the same financial resources of the larger, established businesses and therefore can't afford to pay creators by the page...yet. So we instead came up with this solution(PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE DECIDING TO SUBMIT ANYTHING TO SHURIKEN, ENT.) :

After submitting your work, it will be evaluated by our team. After your work is evaluated and approved, you will receive an email alerting you of an opportunity to be a published by Shuriken. Following your acceptance, you will be given access to Shuriken Ent.'s publishing services and details about pricing and scheduling for future manga submissions.

Shuriken, Ent. presently offers 60% of all sales of to each artist for their approved submissions. Shuriken, Ent reserves the right to change its terms and conditions, pricing for submitted products and percentages at any time. If changes occur, artists will be notified via their registered email.  

So if your dream is to draw manga or contribute professionally to the industry, this is a fantastic opportunity!

Good luck and happy inking!

*All creators must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before submitting any material. By submitting any material, you are agreeing to Shuriken, Ent.'s Terms and Conditions.

*If you have self-published on another website or elsewhere, upon approval, we will request that those stories and art be removed from wherever they are posted or available to maintain the exclusivity of work posted on Shuriken, Ent. sites, promotional materials and future media.

**Any and all trademarked and/or copyright material displayed on this site or any other Shuriken Ent. owned property is owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.